Yoga, A Daily Ritual

Yoga, A Daily Ritual

IMG_3894“I do Yoga once or twice a week”. “It is too slow for me…it is not physically challenging. I would rather prefer Zumba, Cricket, Tennis or Dancing to Yoga.” I have heard this umpteen number of times. Point taken! They are very different activities and given the limitations on our schedule, work, kids, friends…. it is impossible to be everywhere and do everything. But just 15-20 minutes of Yoga a day will help you keep your mental sanity.

Practicing Yoga has many physical benefits like improving flexibility, balancing hormones, helping you gravitate towards better sleep and a more healthy diet, feeling more energetic…More than the physical benefits, Yoga helps with general mental wellbeing. Being mindful, in the moment and conscious of the little things are a byproduct of just 15-20 minutes of daily yoga. Like brushing teeth or taking a shower, this is an everyday activity.

Yoga involves aligning the breath with asanas. Focusing on breathe requires watching our thoughts and forcing us to be present. Living in the present helps avoid lot of disorganization and sharpens our listening and memory skills. There are so many times where half the problems could be avoided… oh if only I had been attentive, if only I had listened or read carefully….

Quite often, we go about our daily lives on autopilot without ever enjoying or realizing what we are doing. I urge you to try out this fun and silly activity. Each time you do something, call out loud what you are doing. For instance, if you are ready to go to work, talk to yourself that you are taking the car keys from the dresser, picking up your laptop bag, walking to the car, sitting at the steering wheel, putting the keys in the ignition, and so on.. If you can continue this experiment for at least an hour, you will realize that you do so many things unconsciously..

I consider Yoga as a form of moving meditation wherein you precisely do this. With breath, you focus on how you move and thereby are very aware and in the moment. Over a period of time, you will find that you no longer misplace your personal belongings that often, you no longer mix up the time or date of events, forget important dates of loved ones. Things will go smoothly. You just have to invest 15-20 minutes of your time on a daily basis. You will get a more organized version of yourself and can better take on daily challenges presented before you.