Recipe for Peace of Mind

Recipe for Peace of Mind

Sage Patanjali classifies people broadly into four categories: The happy, the unhappy, the virtuous and the wicked. When dealing with people, he advises to use the keys of friendliness, compassion, gladness and indifference respectively.

Instead of being jealous of happy people, develop a friendly attitude toward them. If someone is successful, instead of assuming that it was sheer luck or inheritance or contacts, it could also be that they put in their sweat and blood. Give them the benefit of doubt and be friendly toward them. Being jealous will only destroy your peace of mind.

The sage says that be merciful towards the unhappy. Lend a helping hand whenever possible and try to light someone’s path. Be compassionate towards their misfortune. Even if you don’t gain anything, at least you will be filled with serenity and calmness of mind.

There are the virtuous people who should be your heros. They should serve as your role model and you can learn from them. Being happy for them and respectful towards them will only get you forward.

And then, there are the wicked people. You know all too well those people who suck all your time and energy and are forever ungrateful and revengeful. Stay away from them. Be indifferent to them and avoid helping or advising them. They might harm you no matter what.