Been doing nothing lately?

Been doing nothing lately?

IMG_0596Do you catch yourself saying you’re doing nothing when asked what you have been up to? Have you really been sitting like a vegetable all day or is this your standard reply to almost everyone?

Doing nothing can mean your effort cannot be quantified in financial terms. Does doing anything always have to have a $$ tag attached to it? Well, went for a walk, read the newspaper, spent time with friends, tended to the garden: this doesn’t directly add to the bank balance and hence, is it equivalent to doing nothing? You at least recharged your batteries and had a good time.

Doing nothing can mean you don’t have confidence in the listener. S/he may be from a different background and wouldn’t ever be able to understand your point of view given his/her current frame of mind. Well, have been brainstorming ideas for my next blog, thinking through green ideas to make the planet a better place. This may not go too well if the listener thinks blogs are too much noise on the internet or if green ideas are only a gimmick. It could also be that you think you are being asked merely as a formality and not really by someone genuinely interested in what you have been up to.

Whatever your motivation in replying that you have doing nothing when asked by others, also remember that in the process of telling them, you are subtly affirming the same to yourself. Of course, giving a detailed hour by hour description is impractical. So is it impractical to share your thoughts, dreams with everyone. But maybe when asked next time, it is better to change the response from “nothing” to a couple of sentences you think the listener can digest. More than the other party, at least you get a free confidence booster knowing that you are a step closer to your goal.

Would like to know your thoughts on this …