IMG_3894Yoga, A Daily Ritual
“I do Yoga once or twice a week”. “It is too slow for me…it is not physically challenging. I would rather prefer Zumba, Cricket, Tennis or Dancing to Yoga.” I have heard this umpteen number of times. Point taken! They are very different activities and given the limitations on our schedule, work, kids, friends…. it is impossible to be everywhere and do everything. But just 15-20 minutes of Yoga a day will help you keep your mental sanity. More


A Goal Makes The Mundane Stuff Exciting
A goal can be very simple and must be something close to your heart. A few simple questions can help you frame your goal.More

Recipe for Peace of Mind
Sage Patanjali classifies people broadly into four categories: The happy, the unhappy, the virtuous and the wicked. When dealing with people, he advises to use the keys of friendliness, compassion, gladness and indifference respectively.More

IMG_0596Been doing nothing lately?
Do you catch yourself saying you’re doing nothing when asked what you have been up to? Have you really been sitting like a vegetable all day or is this your standard reply to almost everyone? More

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