DishaThank you for visiting my site.

Welcome to my mind. I have been intrigued by all things that contribute to wellness of the mind, the body and my taste buds . Yoga/Nutrition/Philosophy/Baking and Chocolate are what fascinate me.  I love to get my hands on different literature relating to these topics and experiment what I read in my daily life.

I am using this blog as a medium to share my thoughts, what I read and what I experience in my daily life to connect with like minded people.  All the things that bring me joy, all things I deem useful to live rent free in my mind, I have attempted to pen them down here.

Thoughts travel very fast, maybe faster than the speed of light. The mind jumps from one topic to the next and from one interest to the next. There is a very brief moment of clarity when everything is crystal clear and there is this  ‘Aah ha’ moment before moving to the next thing that arouses curiosity. And there are moments when the mind goes… yum… so delicious… I am making an effort here to jot down my ‘Aah ha’ and ‘Yum’ moments which span various topics but are broadly under “Yoga/Nutrition/Philosophy/Baking/Chocolate”